What It’s Like to Be a Mormon

What It’s Like to Be a Mormon

Many religions have different beliefs and different practices, but they are united by their love of God and faith in the Bible. It is dangerous to assume any particular religion is ‘wrong’. They all after all believe in a God or a higher power and try to live a faithful, fulfilling life through a commitment to that God or higher power.

Mormonism might not be understood by everyone, but it is a very serious and important religion for its followers. As with many things there are good and bad aspects to practising as a Mormon. Here are a few things you might find interesting about how it is to be a Mormon:

Marriage and family

Many people believe that Mormons are polygamous – that they can marry multiple partners. This is not true. It used to be, but was outlawed many years ago. No modern day true Mormon would practice polygamy if they were true to the faith.

Bring a Mormon and marrying is for life. It is a promise of everlasting faith in each other and divorce is not permitted.

Family is the most important thing to a Mormon. This can extended to the church family, but the physical family is put before all else.

Commitment to the Church

For many Christians the Church is a place of worship visited once a week, usually on a Sunday, but for Mormons it’s so much more than that. A true Mormon will of course attend services and pray, but they will also be involved in a minimum of 12 hours each week of Church based activity.


There is no sex before marriage for Mormons, they are not allowed to curse and they don’t drink alcohol or caffeine based drinks. Sunday is a true day of rest for Mormons and they are not allowed to even work in their own gardens or spend money in the holiest of days. It might seem extreme to some, but this is a demonstration of true faith.

Peace and purpose

Mormons are peaceful people who take it in turns to lead their churches, so there is no hierarchy of power like in some other religions. Free from distractions or vices that can blight other religions they are committed only to God and their families and enjoy a fulfilling life thanks to their faith which gives them drive and purpose to succeed.