Polygamy: Crime or Religious Freedom? 

Polygamy: Crime or Religious Freedom? 

The Canadian court is dealing with an extraordinary case to determine whether polygamy is a crime and whether the law prohibiting polygamy is in conflict with the religious freedom established in the Constitution. The court will answer the question in the next few months, or on the BBC. 

In the picturesque Creston Valley, near the border with the United States, the British Columbia Border, the Bournemouth Township. I adjacent to a small town and a settlement of about 1,200 people, it is distinguished by the fact that most of its members have been openly practicing polygamy for more than half a century, although Canadian laws prohibit it. Members of the community are dependent on a fundamentalist secession that has broken down to the mormons, whose representatives believe that one man should be at least three people to enter the sky. The main mormona aka – The last day of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Wind – a polygamy of insurgency more than immita. Although the theory is that while polygamy is illegal in Canada, and although its practice is threatened by up to five years of torture, only one successful prosecution took place in polygamy in 1899 and it was in 1899.  

The British Columbia Province has been criticized for a long time for studying in the multinational industry and for prospering practitioners. On the other hand, part of this part of the curbside of this practice does not allow it to be in contact with religion: the Constitution of the Aliens establishes a provision that guarantees religious freedom. One man, 20 people, members of the Bountiful community are dependent on a fundamentalist secession that has broken down into the mormons, whose representatives believe that one day, a man wanting to go to the sky, must have at least three men. In the last 20 years, the Bountiful settlement was not immediately exposed to international communities. The resident community has been blamed for accusations of child abuse, forced marriages and underage marriages by illegal traffic across the US-Canadian border.  

In 2009, two competing community leaders, Winston Blackmore and James Oler, came to court. They are charged with polygamy. W.Blackmor has been convicted of 20 people. According to the Canadian police, nine of those married were minors, with four of their wedding day being 15 years old. Mr Oliver was charged with two people. Several years later, W.Blackmore openly acknowledged the girls in sex with girls ages 15 and 16. One of my confessions was said during the “polygamy procession” that was organized in 2005 by the men of the man. In a meeting, women described polygamy as a way of life that practiced the Day of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Church of Jesus Christ of God – in 1930 a sect separated from the Mormon Church, which has about 10 thousand. a member of The court ruled for formalism, and his curtailment left the unanswered question of whether the persecution of human beings practicing polygamy does not contradict the religious freedom established in the constitution. Legal – Only the First Wife Polygamy is illegal in the United States.  

In 2005, I agreed to work with the British Columbia Provincial Government that I would have to collect rabies and to bring allegations of sexual exploitation to the community. However, officials say that it’s very complicated to collect the eggs, since the community is very secret and very rarely anyone in her member is tired of stepping forward and giving testimony to the police. Jan Sorp, a tyrant of the Mormon community, says that I know everyone about the existence of a polygamy, but pretends that they are not. According to her, looking retrospectively, it is always difficult to persecute people practicing a few marriages.

“Only the first marriage is legitimate, so it becomes a matter of persecution on the part of a person who lives in unmarried life. In Utah and Arizona states, eyes are blocked up to these people, unless it becomes apparent that adolescents aged 14-16 are involved in the masturbation or that there are other injuries, “said a woman.

In addition, J.Shippa states that since the husband is legally married only to the first wife, other people can get married to the state, since there are officially one of the mothers. Ribbing The major part – 82% – The Canadian citizen says he does not support the legalization of polygamy. This is the result of a public opinion poll conducted in 2006. In the meantime, there is also an attempt to prove that polygamy causes women to crush. It is believed that a significant argument for limiting the freedom of religion or limiting freedom of online gambling (for examble roulette casino) could be the proof that in certain cases, for example, polygamy, unrestricted freedom of religion endangers humanity.  


The magazine Daphne Bramham, Vancouver Sun magazine, who has analyzed the Bountiful community in a number of years, and has published a book on “Secret Life: Blind Means and the Lost Boys in the Canadian Polygamy in the Mormon Sect”, states that polygamy in the Bountiful community is far from perfect Buddhist Choice.

“In this particular group, women have no choice at all. They are separated from all communities. They do not learn at state schools, “said Drambleham. In the territory of Canada, there are two schools of independent Mormon schools in Canada. Both of them get up to 1 million in total. Canadian Dollar to the Ministry of Education of the British Columbia Province. The magazines also draw attention to the fact that, although the mormons of women and children are being ravaged by the most corrupted ones, other very important victims are forgotten – the lost boys. It’s natural that in a community where a man has more than one wife, not every man manages to get a wife. Lost boys are men like men who eventually leave their community, but all of them go away when they are not trusting the world and the fact that they are not essential to everyday life. At the same time, young men are very important to the community. “They are used as slaves. Boys are the engine of the economy, – says D.Bramham. “Boys are encouraged to work hard, they are promised that if they are good, they will get their wives.”  

According to Dram Bramham, the community is crowded with women and children with trampolines and toys. However, in this city one thing is missing: the choice. “You have no choice whatsoever. You can not even choose who you work for. So, if you know only one option, use it, “adds D.Bramham. However, some experts in the field are concerned that the criminalization of polygamy will undermine the women who want to help. “Even if a polygamy causes a woman to be harmed, she can also be charged, so I do not see any value for a five-year sentence for polygamy. It’s not up to you, “said Beverly Baines, a professor of Queens University. – The most common misunderstanding is that someone can do something criminalizing. I will certainly not achieve anything. “If it turns out to the court that the law prohibiting polygamy is in accordance with the Constitution, Canada will become the first alim of the world of the West, in which polygamy will be legal practice.