Importance of Being Kind During the Time of Need

Importance of Being Kind During the Time of Need

It seems that the days of Internet are also the days of spitting opinions. Nothing is a taboo anymore, however virtually all topics became black or white now. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) included. While Mormons are one of the most charitable communities around, there is very little evidence of that on the internet. On the contrary, mostly ridicule is to be found.

Help after Harvey and Irma


September saw two horrific hurricanes sweep through Texas and Florida, it could be as many as 10 million people affected including 40 confirmed deaths.

But despite this tough time, it has also given us an opportunity to come together and help each other out. It is not hard to see who did and who did not.

Joel Osteen is a well-known Christian pastor of a Lakewood Megachurch in Florida. A Church that sits more than 16,000 people. And yet, he showed his true colors on August 30, 2017. Instead of following his Christian teachings, he set out to protect his precious church carpets instead of letting in people who lost everything.

LDS Church does not have the funds or the following of the likes of the Joel Osteen. But we always strive to be kind to everyone and help out whenever we can.

Many of the LDS Florida meetinghouses were immediately turned into shelters and staging areas for volunteers after hurricane Irma had passed. Over 600 volunteers came to help victims of the hurricane. Not only because Mormon community was affected but because it is something that they always do.

I’m not saying to show how Mormons are better than someone. But they are brave in action. That’s undeniable. Everyone should be.

Of course, staying inside is easy. Hiding, looking after yourself. Though, for how long? And what does it say about ourselves? No, really. We love comic book heroes because we also want to be at least a little bit like them. But when it comes the time to try, we look for a way out.


Here is the good news.

Neither you, nor we or anyone else has to wait for opportunities to be brave. We have them every day. I know it may not seem much, but in the streets, on the internet and anywhere else we can try see through bigotry and hatred.

Even in places that you wouldn’t imagine that can be of use. Here’s a list of free slot games that can you play and support the victims of the hurricanes. Or, simply be more proactive in your local elections. It matters!


I hope this piece does not come off as a smear campaign. All I wanted is to encourage everyone, no matter their background or religious affiliation, to always put their human-nature first.

We all saw so many amazing stories coming from Texas and Florida. But we also need the same in our everyday lives from coffee shops to the Internet. Let’s be more patient and more loving. It is that simple.